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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How should one be a man, according to "Self-Reliance"?
(a) Live in nature.
(b) Follow God's laws.
(c) Follow man's laws.
(d) Be a nonconformist.

2. What is the ultimate effect of two lovers drawing closer to each other spiritually?
(a) Drawing closer to each other physically.
(b) Drawing closer to God.
(c) Understanding each other on an intellectual level.
(d) Drawing closer to each other emotionally.

3. Which of the following is the best and most efficient type of economy for man, according to Emerson?
(a) Democratic republic.
(b) Public bureaucracy.
(c) Private enterprise.
(d) Enlightened socialism.

4. Where did Emerson deliver "The Lord's Supper" as a sermon?
(a) Westminster Abbey.
(b) St. Louis Cathedral.
(c) Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral.
(d) The Second Church of Boston.

5. According to Emerson, what can only be glimpsed but never possessed?
(a) The true beauties of nature.
(b) God's divine design.
(c) The true purpose of nature.
(d) The true purpose of mankind.

6. Who can too often judge and categorize art and literature, according to "The Poet"?
(a) Philosophers.
(b) Poets.
(c) Umpires of taste.
(d) Censors of thought.

7. According to "Self-Reliance", the important thing is to be one's ______.
(a) Authentic self.
(b) Inner self.
(c) Spiritual self.
(d) Natural self.

8. What does Emerson call prudence, according to "Prudence"?
(a) The way of men.
(b) The beginning of the end.
(c) The virtue of the senses.
(d) The path to peace.

9. What example does Emerson use in "Spiritual Laws" to demonstrate the effects of force-feeding children questions and answers of little interest?
(a) Public school.
(b) Patriotism.
(c) Sunday school.
(d) Discipline at home.

10. What view does Emerson take of human love in "Love"?
(a) Physical.
(b) Emotional.
(c) Spiritual.
(d) Logical.

11. What does Emerson see evidence of everywhere he looks in society?
(a) Loyalty to European traditions.
(b) Lack of desire for independence.
(c) Decadence.
(d) Defiant reformist mentality.

12. How do people try to change old patterns in their lives?
(a) Rebelling against the way they were raised.
(b) Art and music.
(c) Education and philosophy.
(d) Drugs and alcohol.

13. Into how many categories does prudence manifest itself, according to Emerson?
(a) One.
(b) Four.
(c) At least five.
(d) Three.

14. What philosopher did Emerson say was the beginning and end of all philosophy?
(a) Plato.
(b) Immanuel Kant.
(c) Socrates.
(d) Confucius.

15. What does true friendship require, according to Emerson?
(a) Friendly love.
(b) Cordial goodwill.
(c) Conversation.
(d) Humility.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose principles, which led to a new age in quantum physics, are similar to the ideas hinted at in "Circles"?

2. What right of individuals has never been tried as the foundation of a state?

3. What seldom-acknowledged factor in coloring people's experience is a large part of everyone's life?

4. What is the purpose of manners, according to Emerson's "Manners"?

5. What does Plato's concept of the dichotomy of the body and soul provide the foundation for, according to Emerson?

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