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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Heroism | The Over-Soul.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the love between a man and woman usually begin?
(a) In hot-blooded youth.
(b) With fire and passion.
(c) Quietly, like a summer breeze.
(d) With shy flirtations.

2. What did Emerson say about communion in "The Lord's Supper"?
(a) It is the most important ritual in Christianity.
(b) It was a miracle that is downplayed in the Bible.
(c) It is a meaningless ritual.
(d) It should only be observed as part of Last Rites.

3. According to "Self-Reliance", the important thing is to be one's ______.
(a) Inner self.
(b) Spiritual self.
(c) Natural self.
(d) Authentic self.

4. According to Emerson, it is the challenge of American scholars to foster and support the development of truly American ______ and ______.
(a) Culture; literature.
(b) Thought; language.
(c) Thought; culture.
(d) Language; literature.

5. How was "The Transcendentalist" originally delivered?
(a) As a lecture.
(b) As a letter to Henry David Thoreau.
(c) As a commencement address.
(d) As a eulogy.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to "Self-Reliance", what can bring you peace?

2. What does true friendship require, according to Emerson?

3. How should history be understood, according to Emerson's essay "History"?

4. Whom does Emerson especially urge to experience their own heroism?

5. Who is the author of "Selected Writings"?

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