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Chapter 1, Attack on Misgovernment, Against Verres I

• Chapter 1, Attack on Misgovernment, Against Verres I is a series of judicial orations and consists of seven speeches.
• Cicero served as a prosecutor against the corrupt governor of Sicily.

• Many people of Sicily and Rome disliked Verres and backed Cicero.
• Hortensius, Verres' lawyer tried to stall the judicial process until he could be elected as consul.

• Cicero would lose immediately, but Cicero thwarts the strategy.

• Cicero wants to urge the jury to convict.
• The court's reputation has been tarnished.

• Failure to convict would confirm the people's suspicions.

• Cicero begins intense attacks on Verres' character and actions.
• The attempt to buy the jurors shows corruption and that they were just waiting.

• Cicero attacks Horentensius for not taking the proceedings seriously.

• Cicero opposes evil and defends honor of the legal process.
• Cicero's proceedings will follow precedent.

• Attack on Misgovernment ends with accusations against...

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