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1. How does Snopes always react when he feels trapped or threatened in 'Barn Burning'?

Whenever Snopes feels threatened or backed into a corner, he reacts with fear, which quickly becomes anger, which quickly becomes pyromania.

2. How does 'Barn Burning' end?

'Barn Burning' ends when Sarty, the dim-witted son, is the only one who seems to escape the fate of the rest by running away into the dark woods as the barn burns.

3. Why is Snopes let free at the end of his trial at the beginning of 'Barn Burning'?

Snopes's case of arson is thrown out by the chief justice because there is no substantial evidence presented against him.

4. What does the chief justice tell Snopes to do after his case is thrown out?

After Snopes's arson case is thrown out, the chief justice suggests that he and his family quickly pack up and vacate the country.

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