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Barn Burning

• Barn Burning - Abner Snopes is on trial for arson. There is no substantial evidence, so the case is thrown out.

• The judge tells Snopes he and his family should leave town quickly. The family packs up- this is not the first time.
• Snopes gets a job as a tenant farmer for Major De Spain. He soils a rug in his mansion on the first day.

• While trying to clean the rug with lye, Snopes's wife ruins the rug. De Spain demands 20 bushels of corn in payment.
• The justice of the peace makes him lessen the charge to 10 bushels, but Snopes is still mad.

• He burns down the barn. Sarty, his son, watches as De Spain goes towards the house and fires 3 shots. Sarty runs away and is never heard from again.

Two Soldiers

• Two Soldiers - Two brothers hear about the attack on Pearl Harbor...

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