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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section XI: Madam to You.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time does the speaker mention going down to the river in "Reverie on the Harlem River"?
(a) Ten p.m.
(b) Two a.m.
(c) Three p.m.
(d) Five a.m.

2. What does the speaker in "Porter" have to say all the time?
(a) "No, ma'am."
(b) "Yes, sir."
(c) "Thank you, sir."
(d) "Thank you, ma'am."

3. What does the speaker wonder about his own death in "Cross"?
(a) Who will get his inheritance.
(b) If anyone will even notice.
(c) Where he will die.
(d) Who will mourn for him.

4. Why does Madam have a large phone bill in "Madam and the Phone Bill"?
(a) Because she fell asleep while on the phone.
(b) Because the company made a mistake.
(c) Because someone called her collect.
(d) Because the rates went up and she didn't know.

5. What does the little boy use as a toy in "Madam and the Charity Child"?
(a) Dolls.
(b) A switch-blade.
(c) The trash can.
(d) Rocks.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the poem "Spirituals," what strong items does the speaker look to put his hands on?

2. What did the speaker come home without in "Midnight Raffle"?

3. In the poem "Fire," who does the author say he has had more women than?

4. What does the speaker in "Cross" take back in regard to his father?

5. What language, other than English, is used in the poem "Havana Dreams"?

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