Objects & Places from Selected Poems of Langston Hughes

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Havana, Cubaappears in Havana Dreams

The author includes this location as an emblem of the exotic. The speaker shows his familiarity with this place and the surrounding areas by mentioning places recognizable only to someone who has been there.

Irelandappears in Seascape

Briefly mentioned, this place is one of two locations mentioned by a sailor who is far away from home.

Carmel, Californiaappears in Moonlight Night

The speaker stands on the shore listening to the waves, looking at the moon and taking in the romance of this place.

Beale Streetappears in Beale Street

This place is located in Memphis, Tennessee, known in the music industry as the birthplace of the blues. In the poem of the same name, Hughes' speaker associates this location with his personal feelings of having the blues.

Taosappears in A House in Taos

This is the location of the speaker's home in a poem...

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