Selected Poems of Langston Hughes Character Descriptions

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Big Boyappears in Catch and 50-50

This character appears twice in this collection of poetry. In one poem, he goes fishing for a mermaid wife. Notedly, this person is the only named male character featured in this volume.

Alberta K. Johnson (Madam)appears in Madam to You

This person is a black woman with strong opinions and a forthright attitude. She has been married twice, has worked all her life, is all about business, and does not rely on anyone else to make her luck. She also does not trust men who treat her like a real woman.

The Negro Motherappears in The Negro Mother

This character is established as the supreme caregiver and nurturer of the black race in America. Through the trials of slavery, raising white children even when hers were taken from her and sold, this person held a vision of freedom and independence for...

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