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Seinfeld talks about how funny it is when a person moves one of these into his/her car and then try to hide it with a sweater.


Seinfeld talks about taking dates here.

Answering Machine

Seinfeld loves this machine and wishes he could be one so he does not have to talk to people he sees on the street.


Seinfeld and his mother have a constant fight in this, particularly over how Jerry's father is handling it.


Seinfeld loves being here, but does not have the nerve to ask neighbors to be quiet in the middle of the night.

Maid Service

Seinfeld likes to have these people come to his house, but always feels as though he should apologize for being messy.


Seinfeld finds the shops here ridiculously overpriced.

Compact Parking Spaces

Seinfeld finds these spaces to be reserve discriminatory.

Mall Parking Lots

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