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Chapter 1, Freeway of Love

• Seinfeld says dating is like a job interview except that at the end you risk the chance of being naked.

• Seinfeld says he finds women with breathy voices sexy.

• Seinfeld thinks that it is important to the woman what kind of job a man has, but that the man just cares whether the woman is beautiful.
• Seinfeld says he hates blind dates, especially ones set up by friends because it gives you an idea about what they really think about you.

• Seinfeld finds ending a date with someone you don't like is awkward because there is no polite way to say goodbye.

• Seinfeld believes there should be a sexual rulebook to help a person when a sexual conflict arises.
• Seinfeld believes men are like firemen when it comes to sex, always ready in minutes, whereas women are like fire. They need the right conditions...

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