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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Sumpet order to join the battle at Keeper's Dale?
(a) The dwarfs in the tunnels.
(b) The dwarfs at the gatehouse.
(c) The dwarfs on the west door.
(d) The gnomes in the inner city.

2. What do Harkle and Bella don DelRoy encounter towards the end of Chapter Twenty-Four?
(a) Fifteen minotaurs.
(b) A group of wizards.
(c) Mind slayers.
(d) An entire company of trolls.

3. On what does Uthegental base his decision about Blingdenstone?
(a) To show Baenre he is his own man.
(b) He obeying Lolth.
(c) To gain honor.
(d) Desire for money.

4. What does Drizzt notice as he and Catti are fighting?
(a) Catti now uses both hands to fight.
(b) The pommel of the sword has changed.
(c) The sword is wider than it was.
(d) The sword is shorter than it was.

5. Who is leading the drows in Chapter Seventeen?
(a) Matron Baenre.
(b) Errtu.
(c) Uthegental Armgo
(d) Jarlaxle.

6. What does Bensell asks Berkthgar to do?
(a) Attack immediately down the center.
(b) Keep his men in check.
(c) Take the right flank.
(d) Hide to be kept as reserve forces.

7. Why did the svirfnebli abandon their homes?
(a) They wanted to move to Mithral Hall.
(b) The town had been burned down.
(c) The land was too dry.
(d) On Belwar's advice.

8. What are the gnomish priests attempting to do in Chapter Twelve?
(a) Finish a ritual for rain.
(b) Call upon Lolth.
(c) Ask help from Bidderdoo.
(d) Call forth Segojan.

9. Who are the first to see battle at Mithral Hall?
(a) Regis' Rangers.
(b) Drizzt and his panther.
(c) Pwent's Gutbusters.
(d) Bruenor.

10. Where are Berg'inyon and his lizard riders heading in Chapter Twenty-Two?
(a) Keeper's Dale.
(b) Lady Alustriel's tower.
(c) Mithral Hall's main door.
(d) Around the left flank of Berkthgar's men.

11. Where is K'yorl when Baenre calls her?
(a) In a walled garden.
(b) In Lolth's chapel.
(c) On a marble throne.
(d) In her chambers.

12. Who is with Belwar Dissengulp while he is waiting in Chapter Twelve?
(a) Ghenni'tiroth.
(b) Several svirfnebli.
(c) Drizzt and Catti-brie.
(d) Jarlaxle

13. What do the men do as Bensell gives them new orders?
(a) Question his loyalty.
(b) Complain about the change in plans.
(c) Follow without complaint.
(d) Take Bensell prisoner for treason.

14. Why does Uthegental attempt to reach Keeper's Dale?
(a) To keep Berg'inyon from reaching Drizzt.
(b) To stop the flow of troops.
(c) To rescue Lady Lustriel.
(d) To keep the battle going.

15. Who is responsible for casting a spell that will cause the ceilings of the tunnels to collapse?
(a) Bruenor.
(b) Pwent.
(c) Drizzt.
(d) Bidderdoo Harpell.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is happening in the Undercity of Mithral Hall?

2. How is Bensell killed?

3. What is still happening at Oblodra at the opening of Chapter Thirteen?

4. What do the drows do at the beginning of Chapter Seventeen?

5. Why can't Bruenor get his sword out of a minotaur?

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