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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the person from question number 78 do?
(a) Fall to the floor coughing.
(b) Hit Matron Baenre on the head.
(c) Push Matron Baenre towards the flames.
(d) Throw water on the flames.

2. What does Uthegental Armgo think is the basis of the problems in Menzoberranzan?
(a) Mithral Hall is getting too powerful.
(b) Lolth is displeased.
(c) There are too many heirs to every house.
(d) House Baenre is too aggressive.

3. What does Jarlaxle realize about how Gromph feels?
(a) He is afraid of a coup.
(b) He is wary of his sister.
(c) He trusts Jarlaxle.
(d) He is angry at his mother.

4. At what are the dwarves busy doing?
(a) Mining gold.
(b) Celebrating solstice.
(c) Making tools and armor.
(d) Digging tunnels.

5. Who does Drizzt call to be with him and Catti-brie in Chapter Three?
(a) Thibbledorf Pwent.
(b) Bruenor Battlehammer.
(c) Guenhwyar.
(d) Belwar Dissengulp.

6. What does Matron Baenre tell her children in a meeting in Chapter Nine?
(a) She will chose her successor next year.
(b) Now is not the time for personal ambitions.
(c) Her magic still works.
(d) She is stepping down.

7. What do Catti-brie and Drizzt do at the end of Chapter Three?
(a) Groom the horses.
(b) Stop for lunch.
(c) Go swimming.
(d) Fall asleep on the blanket in the woods.

8. What is Matron Baenre thinking about the problems in relation to Lolth?
(a) Some force greater than Lolth is responsible.
(b) Lolth is being held prisoner by those responsible.
(c) Lolth is causing the problems.
(d) Lolth knows who is responsible.

9. Of what is Lolth afraid will happen if she becomes involved in the troubles?
(a) She will be killed.
(b) The human race will die out.
(c) Her faithfuls' prayers will be unanswered.
(d) Her daughter will be taken from her.

10. About what is Matron Baenre frightened?
(a) The other houses will rise against her.
(b) She is not afraid of anything.
(c) Her children have decided to kill her.
(d) Lolth is coming to kill her.

11. Why must the person in question #80 follow Lolth's command?
(a) To benefit himself.
(b) He has sworn a blood oath.
(c) She will kill him.
(d) He is her priest.

12. When was the chapel of Menzoberranzan's First House damaged?
(a) When Errtu was banished.
(b) When Drizzt escaped the city.
(c) When Matron Baenre fought a baliwak in it.
(d) When a hobgoblin got loose in it.

13. What does Gromph what to know from Jarlaxle?
(a) If he has talked to Lolth lately.
(b) If he has been to the Fourth House.
(c) If his mother is still sane.
(d) If other Houses are planning to attack Baenre House.

14. Who walks in the room as the flames leap up at the Matrons' meeting?
(a) Kipa'kta.
(b) Trip'yorl
(c) Matron Taner'ri.
(d) K'yorl.

15. What is a dwarf holding above a mortar and pestle?
(a) A flaming torch.
(b) A pair of eyeballs.
(c) Five silver chains.
(d) A pitcher of water.

Short Answer Questions

1. For whom is Bruenor Battlehammer trying to find a replacement?

2. What does Errtu try to do in Chapter Eleven?

3. What does Jarlaxle think about K'yorl Odran's plans?

4. Where are the tunnels located that Firble and Belwar Dissengulp are searching?

5. Why do the people who are watching Berg'inyon panic?

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