Siege of Darkness Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. At the beginning of the book why is Errtu angered and what does Errtu believe?

Errtu is angered when Matron Baenre calls a glabrezu from the Abyss. Errtu believes this action is performed only to torment him. Errtu believes Matron Baenre's calling of the glabrezu is a intentional attempt by Lolth to offend Errtu.

2. What does Lolth tell Errtu about the pantheon and the future and what does she fear?

Lolth asks Errtu if he is aware of the problems in the pantheon. She explains there is a time of trouble on the way. These troubles will punish the gods for their foolishness but will also be beyond Lolth's ability to control. Lolth is afraid that if she becomes involved in the troubles, the prayers of those faithful to her will go unanswered.

3. Why is Errtu angry at Lolth and what does she promise him?

Errtu is angry at this proposition because as a condition of his banishment, he no longer has the freedom to visit the Prime Material Plane. Although Errtu is suspicious of Lolth's trustworthiness, she promises Errtu a gift that will allow freedom from his banishment if he completes the task as she commands.

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