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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Four: The Drow March - Prologue, Chapter Seventeen, Blingdenstone and Chapter Eighteen, Uneasy Gatherings.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What position does Uthegental Armgo hold?
(a) Weapons master of the second House of Menzoberranzan.
(b) Drizzt's superior officer.
(c) Matron Baenre's second in command.
(d) Commander of Mithral Hall's guard.

2. What happens to K'yorl when the magic returns?
(a) She is no longer a telepath.
(b) She is stronger than before.
(c) She hears Lolth talking to her.
(d) She can hear everyone at one time.

3. What does Drizzt say Lolth represents?
(a) Eternal damnation.
(b) The evil of greed.
(c) The strong over the weak.
(d) Self-indulgence.

4. What is still happening at Oblodra at the opening of Chapter Thirteen?
(a) Oblodra has been given to another Matron.
(b) K'yorl has surrendered to Baenre.
(c) The residence is burning.
(d) Lolth's minions haunt the residence.

5. What happens when Drizzt tries to take Catti-brie's sword in Chapter Thirteen?
(a) It drops to the floor.
(b) It telepathically tells him to duel with Catti.
(c) It cuts his arm.
(d) The sword no longer wants him.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter Twelve, why is Errtu angry at Lolth?

2. What are the gnomish priests attempting to do in Chapter Twelve?

3. What are artisans doing in Chapter Nine in Mithral Hall?

4. How does Baenre destroy the wall of the tower at Oblodran?

5. What does Catti-brie tell Battlehammer before she leaves?

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