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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Two: The Onset of Chaos - Chapter Nine, Implications and Chapter Ten, The Third House.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does Lolth say the time of troubles coming are?
(a) To punish herself.
(b) To clean out the Abyss.
(c) To refine the human race.
(d) To punish the Gods.

2. Where are the tunnels located that Firble and Belwar Dissengulp are searching?
(a) Narbondel.
(b) Blingdenstone.
(c) Mithral Hall.
(d) Settlestone.

3. What does Jarlaxle think about K'yorl Odran's plans?
(a) She has no interest in any house but Second House.
(b) She is actually trying to trap him.
(c) She is conspiring against Matron Baenre.
(d) She is trying to help Uthegental Armgo.

4. What does Drizzt think is the reason gods allow mortals to see them?
(a) The god is vain.
(b) The god is lacking in power.
(c) The god wants to see how the mortals react.
(d) The god is having fun at mortals' expense.

5. What does Jarlaxle think about the possibility of a second deity?
(a) He thinks one has come there.
(b) He is positive it is impossible.
(c) He has seen one wandering around.
(d) He doubts the existence of one.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is angered by Matron Baenre's action?

2. What does Matron Baenre's visitor give her?

3. From what place has Errtu been banished?

4. What does Regis lend to Drizzt?

5. Who does Jarlaxle believe he is talking to at the opening of Chapter Four?

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