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The Abyss

This is the portion of The Underworld to which Errtu has been banished.

The Material Plane

The plane includes the city of Menzoberranzan and Mithral Hall.

The Astral Plane

This is the home of the panther, Guenhwyvar.


A drow city ruled by various political houses. The people worship the god Lolth.

Mithral Hall

This is the home of clan Battlehammer. It is the home of Catti-brie and Drizzt.


It is the Crystal Shard, a relic of a past and greater age of sorcery.


Magical wrist bands that Drizzt has taken from weapons master Dantrag Baenre.


This is a Barbarian settlement located south of Mithral Hall.


This is a war hammer formerly belonging to Wulfgar, former chieftain of Settlestone.

Khazid'hea or Cutter

This is Catti-brie's sword.

Ring Carved from a Tooth

She wears this tooth, taken from an ancient dwarven king, on...

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