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Demons!, Prologue, and Part One: Rumbles of Discord - Chapter One, Diplomacy

• Lolth, the Spider Queen asks Errtu if he is aware of problems in the pantheon. She claims there is a time of trouble ahead.

• Lolth promises Errtu freedom from his banishment if she completes a task as she commands.

• At Mithral Hall the human Catti fights a practice sword fight with Drizzt who is wearing magical bracers that move his hands faster.

• Catti's adoptive father, Bruenor, enters the practice room angry at Berkthgar's demand for Aegis-fany, Wulfgar's battle hammer.
• Catti's sword is Khazid'hea, desires to be carried by the best fighter. The sword is trying to convince Catti to kill Drizzt so it will then be held by the best fighter.

• When Drizzt escaped from the city the chapel of Menzoberranzan's First House was damaged.

• Until the chapel is repaired the alliance between the leading Houses...

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