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Foxworth Hall

This was the home of Chris and Catherine's maternal grandparents.

The Attic

This is the location where Chris, Catherine, Cory, and Carrie were abused and neglected.


This is a concept that Bart is obsessed with.

Garden in the Sky

This is the imaginary location dreamed up by Catherine and Chris as children.

The Chapel

This is the location Bart built to give the family a chance to redeem itself.

Devil's Spawn

This is the concept Joel uses to scare Chris and Catherine to redemption.

Evil Seed

This is the concept Joel introduces in relation to relatives engaging in sexual intercourse together.


This is a theme in the novel and a concept that Catherine advises her children about.


This is a concept that Catherine lectures her children about constantly.


This is the concept that Catherine and Cindy have many talks about because Catherine...

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