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Foxworth Hall

Create a diorama, diagram, model, or poster that shows your interpretation of what Foxworth Hall looks like.

Family Tree

Create a family tree for Catherine's family.


Illustrate a portrait of a character of your choosing.


Illustrate a scene from the novel with one quote for the caption.

Ballet Costume

Design a ballet costume for either Jory or Cindy for Bart's birthday party.

Character Storyboard

Choose a character from the novel to focus on in creating a storyboard with at least 8 photos. Use quotes to caption each piece of action.


Find one quote that best represents each of the main characters from the novel, including Catherine, Bart, Chris, Melodie, Cindy, Jory, Toni, and Joel.

Story Timeline

Create a timeline that shows the action as it occurs in the novel. For example, the beginning of your timeline might list the family's arrival at Foxworth Hall...

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