Seeds of Yesterday Character Descriptions

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Catherine Foxworth Sheffield - This character was a ballerina and seduced her mother's husband.

Bart Foxworth - This character is the antagonist of the story who operates on a double standard.

Dr. Chris Sheffield - This character married his sister after realizing his dreams after facing abuse.

Jory Marquet - This character is the son of the narrator and a ballet dancer who died in a car accident.

Joel Foxworth - This character's existence is a shock to the narrator.

Cindy Sheffield - This character was adopted by the narrator and is very outgoing.

Melodie - This character is a ballet dancer who shows she is not very devoted to her husband.

Toni - This character is a nurse hired to take care of the narrator's son.

Trevor Majors - This character is a butler who is trusted by the family.

Deidre and Darren, the twins -...

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