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Book One, Foxworth Hall, Joel Foxworth, and Memories

• Catherine and Chris are brother and sister who live as husband and wife.

• Catherine and Chris were once locked in the attic of Foxworth Hall with their brother and sister, where they were abused.
• Catherine's family arrives at Foxworth Hall where Bart, her son, is celebrating that he has turned 25 and will be inheriting the mansion from Catherine's mother.

• Joel, Catherine's uncle, arrives at Foxworth Hall, and she is suspicious of him because he reminds her of her mean grandfather.

Book One, My Second Son, My First Son, and Cindy

• Bart is jealous of Jory's success and skill, detests Cindy, and is ashamed of his parents.

• Catherine had sex with her step-father, resulting in Bart's birth, because she wanted to get revenge on her mother.
• Jory's father, Julius, was a ballet dancer until he was killed in an accident.

• Jory...

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