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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Royce sleep in the garden?
(a) He steals the food to eat.
(b) His father is abusive.
(c) He is homeless.
(d) He is an orphan.

2. What does Curtis hire Royce to do?
(a) Keep an eye on Lateesha.
(b) Build a cage.
(c) Watch his plants.
(d) Water his plants.

3. What does Virgil’s father plant?
(a) Potatoes.
(b) Onions.
(c) Lettuce.
(d) Tomatoes.

4. What does Curtis begin to worry about?
(a) Being shot.
(b) Drought.
(c) Dying.
(d) Blight.

5. What happened during the big storm in “Maricela”?
(a) The power went out.
(b) The garden was destroyed.
(c) The garden flooded.
(d) The building caught fire.

6. What does Virgil do with the item he found in the lot?
(a) Prays for the lettuce.
(b) Gives it to his father.
(c) Throws it away.
(d) Gives it to his mother.

7. Why does Penny involve the garden?
(a) She is trying to help the mothers gain community standing.
(b) She is trying to help the mothers grow food.
(c) She is trying to help the mothers learn to appreciate life.
(d) She is trying to help the mothers learn discipline.

8. Why is Maricela having a difficult time in life?
(a) She is a young Vietnamese girl with no father.
(b) She is teenaged Mexican girl who is pregnant.
(c) She is a middle aged Mexican woman with little education.
(d) She is an old Italian woman with no husband.

9. What does Saw Young feel a part of?
(a) The garden.
(b) The world.
(c) The community.
(d) Sam's life.

10. What does the sign Curtis creates say?
(a) Lateesha’s Tomatoes.
(b) Curtis's tomatoes.
(c) Curtis's garden.
(d) Curtis's house.

11. To where did Curtis move?
(a) New York.
(b) Cincinnati.
(c) Las Vegas.
(d) Detroit.

12. What does Sae Young purchase to help in Sam’s contest?
(a) Garbage cans.
(b) Three funnels.
(c) Jugs for water.
(d) Hoses.

13. What happens if Nora and Mr. Myles are absent a few days?
(a) Their plot is taken by someone else.
(b) Their plants are stolen.
(c) Their plants are cared for by others.
(d) The other gardeners are worried.

14. What excuse does the Italian woman give for her previous rudeness to Amir?
(a) She hates Indians.
(b) She didn’t know better.
(c) She hates Middle Easterns.
(d) She was afraid.

15. What does Nora notice about Mr. Myles when he is working?
(a) He becomes more tired.
(b) He is more alive.
(c) He is talkative.
(d) He is irritable.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did Virgil have Mrs. Fleck as a teacher?

2. Who does Maricela meet that she feels she can talk to?

3. By the end of the chapter “Maricela”, what is Maricela no longer praying for?

4. Who from the garden community speaks to Sae Young first?

5. What did Virgil’s father do in Haiti?

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