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1. Why does Kim’s family keep a photo of their father at an alter?

Kim’s family keeps a photo at the alter because Kim’s father is deceased. The alter is a place to remember his spirit, and to annually celebrate him.

2. Why does Kim wonder about whether her father sees her?

Kim wonders about her father, because he has never seen her face. Having died before she was born, Kim has to wonder if her father even knows who she is.

3. Why does Kim plant beans in the vacant lot?

Kim plants beans in the lot in order for her father to recognize her as his own. By planting something, Kim is hoping her father’s spirit will identify with her, since he was himself a farmer.

4. Why do you think Kim wants to remain hidden when she plants?

Kim wants to remain hidden because she doesn’t want others to disrupt her plants. Since she is dedicating them to her father, she wants it to remain a secret.

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