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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the Olympic torchbearer who runs the torch through the difficult uphill section?

2. After escaping from the room where the athletes are being held hostage, who attempts to shoot Alix in the hallway?

3. As David is struggling to absorb the information he has learned about Nick and Elena's deaths, he drives home. What does David find in his driveway?

4. What do the men who meet with Soldier on the street in Moscow arrange to sell to the Soldier?

5. What happens as smoke begins to fill the dormitory?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Alix suddenly realize about David when she sees him again in the Olympic Village?

2. How is the strike team planning to gain access into the Olympic Village?

3. What images does Alix relive in her mind as she walks and tries to clear her head in the morning the attacks are to begin?

4. What does David realize about Alix as he listens to her explanation of why his wife, grandmother, and brother were all killed on Benjamin's orders?

5. What is the effect of Alix shouting at David when he enters the restaurant in Frankfurt?

6. Describe the activity of the Red Army as they assemble in preparation for their plan of attack to begin.

7. What unnerves David as he is reading the prepared sheets about the Moscow Olympic Village?

8. How does David's assailant catch up with David?

9. What idea is first suggested by Ben-Iban, but becomes so well received that Essmann takes credit for the idea?

10. How does David react to Belov's announcement regarding jurisdiction over the search for the Dachau Two terrorists?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why did the author choose the title "See How They Run" for this book? How does the title foreshadow the events that unfold in David's life? In Alix's life? In the Olympic Village?

Essay Topic 2

There is no doubt that Alix has been greatly affected by the horrors she experienced at the hands of the Nazis, who also caused the deaths of both of her parents. Discuss how Alix's need to rectify the past affects her decisions. How does Alix's past affect her mental state, her ability to reason, her ability to trust, and her overall self-image?

Essay Topic 3

The terrorists use several different tactics to tell the world that the Fourth Reich is coming soon.

a. Identify three tactics used by the terrorists to announce their presence.

b. For each tactic identified, explain why the terrorists chose this method of announcing their presence.

c. Compare and contrast these tactics in terms of their operational style, level of involvement, and operational success or failure.

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