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Short Answer Questions

1. When the Soldier subdues David, what does the Soldier ask David?

2. What does Ben tell Alix he was part of when they first meet?

3. What does Alix do when she spots David coming through the front door of the restaurant?

4. Where is the train traveling when Alix is riding it in disguise on July 14th?

5. When the terrorists take over the private cafeteria of the United States Olympic team, how many terrorists are there?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the terrorists punctuate their demands that no one is to leave the Olympics until all of the terrorists' demands have been met?

2. What unnerves David as he is reading the prepared sheets about the Moscow Olympic Village?

3. Why does David chase the Soldier after seeing him near the Olympic Village?

4. What does the Soldier tell the Engineer and Architect before they get down to business?

5. Why does Alix insist on typing out the demand rewrites herself?

6. Why do the broadcasters report that there is hope in Moscow as the terrorists' deadline nears?

7. How does David react to Belov's announcement regarding jurisdiction over the search for the Dachau Two terrorists?

8. What is the pledge of the terrorist group?

9. What images does Alix relive in her mind as she walks and tries to clear her head in the morning the attacks are to begin?

10. How is the strike team planning to gain access into the Olympic Village?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the characteristics, roles, loyalties, and agendas of the following people in the story: Harry Callaghan, Benjamin Rabinowitz, Elena Strauss, and Ben Essmann.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast how the character of Alix Rothschild changes as the story progresses. Be sure to include your assessment of Alix's character when she was in college, when she first meets David at Cherrywoods, when she presents the terrorists' demands to the world, and when she and David team up in the Olympic Village. Use examples from the story to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

There is no doubt that Alix has been greatly affected by the horrors she experienced at the hands of the Nazis, who also caused the deaths of both of her parents. Discuss how Alix's need to rectify the past affects her decisions. How does Alix's past affect her mental state, her ability to reason, her ability to trust, and her overall self-image?

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