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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1: Dr. David Strauss, Part Three: Chapters 26 - 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Benjamin and David are leaving the Wallkill Inn, what does David do when he sees a glimmer across the street?
(a) Runs back into the inn.
(b) Yells a warning.
(c) Ducks.
(d) Chastises himself.

2. Where is Heather's funeral held?
(a) At Maplewood.
(b) At Cherrywoods.
(c) At Evergreen.
(d) At Oak Mansion.

3. What does Alix realize as she sits in her movie company's office two weeks after walking out of her shoot?
(a) That she loves doing commercials.
(b) That she made a mistake.
(c) That she needs to get away.
(d) That she loves David.

4. Who summons the attendees to the meeting in Jerusalem?
(a) Vulkan.
(b) David Strauss.
(c) Benjamin Rabinowitz.
(d) The Fuhrer.

5. What announcement does Alix make to the people she is working with during a shoot?
(a) Alix will no longer fund communist efforts.
(b) Alix will no longer sell any perfume.
(c) Alix will no longer sit on the sidelines.
(d) Alix will no longer support the democrats.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Benjamin Rabinowitz's profession?

2. Who is knocking on David's door at the Cherrywoods?

3. What do David and Alix do in the kitchen after making something to eat at Cherrywoods?

4. Who has the Strauss mansion under surveillance?

5. With whom does the Fuhrer first share the details of his great plan?

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