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Cherrywood Mountain House

This place has 550 rooms and took sixty years to build.

Kleine Garten (Little Garden)

This is the place where Ben-Iban is killed.


This is the diary where the main character keeps records and clippings of information related to Nazi activities.

Wallkill Inn

This is where the main character is shot at after finishing an important meeting.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

This is where a test on chickens is conducted.

Las Flores, Brazil

This is where former SS or Gestapo members meet to discuss recent events and believe that whoever is responsible should be congratulated.

Menton, The French Riviera

This place is used as a practice ground for the terrorist group members.

Rosecraft Gardens Inn

This is where the two main characters stay while in London.

Storm Troop

This is the group of terrorists who are plotting to take over the Olympic Village in Moscow.

Riga, Latvia

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