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Dr. David Strauss

This character is forever changed after witnessing the murder of his grandmother, wife, and brother.

Alix Rothschild

This character's parents are both killed in the concentration camps.

Harry Callaghan

This character is an FBI agent who sacrifices almost everything to be the best at his job.

Benjamin Rabinowitz - The Fuhrer

This character is a postal worker by profession.

Michael Ben-Iban

This character is one of the original surviving members of the Holocaust.

Colonel Ben Essmann - The Soldier (Soldat)

This character is a former Mossad agent.

Elena Cohen Strauss

This elderly character threatens to expose the terrorist group.

General Yagaal Ben-Zurev - The Warrior

This character is killed for opposing the "Final Solution."

Marc Jacobson - The Weapons Expert (Waffen-Fachmann)

This character aids in the Strauss mansion attack, kills a federal agent, and retrieves intelligence paperwork.

Anna Lascher - The Medic

This character aids...

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