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Book 1: Dr. David Strauss, Part One: Chapters 1 - 6

• Rabinowitz begins the meeting in Jerusalem by telling the three others that his plan, called Dachau Zwei, will be set in motion in 174 days.

• Vulkan is upset that the Fuhrer is taking a meeting on a small town street, but knows the decisions regarding the Final Solution have to be made so the plan can be put into action. The Scarsdale residents will know tomorrow that Nazis have once again come to America.

• At 2:45am on April 25th, Dr. Strauss is at Mount Sinai hospital delivering Katherine O'Neill's baby. Unfortunately, the prolapsed cord denied the baby oxygen and the baby girl never takes a breath. His inability to revive the baby distresses David and, against protocol, he hugs Katherine in an attempt to make them both feel better.
• The Housewife has the Strauss mansion under surveillance. She blends into the...

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