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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What shape is the captain's stateroom?
(a) A plain rectangle.
(b) A T.
(c) An L.
(d) A hexagon.

2. The mysterious stranger says he "felled" his victim like a what?
(a) Bear.
(b) Tree.
(c) Ox.
(d) Boar.

3. How did the captain react after Legatt's story?
(a) He remained calm.
(b) He was wondering what to do with Legatt.
(c) None of these.
(d) He was clearly nervous.

4. Where was Legatt swimming when he began swimming toward the captain's ship?
(a) Toward port.
(b) Toward another ship.
(c) Toward an island.
(d) None of these.

5. What is the profession of the mysterious man's father?
(a) Politician.
(b) Trader.
(c) Carpenter.
(d) Parson.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which crew member comes from the Sephora?

2. Where is the captain as the story opens?

3. Who awakens the captain the morning after he finds Legatt?

4. At what does the stranger stare through the porthole while relating his tale to the captain?

5. What alternative does the mysterious stranger weigh against boarding the narrator's ship?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the captain describe the skipper at the beginning of part two? How does he feel about the skipper?

2. Once aboard the ship, what does the captain notice about Legatt? What does he determine from Legatt's appearance and mannerisms?

3. How does the captain describe his own situation aboard the unnamed ship in speaking to the stranger?

4. What is particularly dangerous about the captain's plan to help Leggatt escape?

5. When and why does the captain turn the ship to open sea?

6. How does the chief mate of the unnamed ship refer discretely to his strange new captain, and for what reason?

7. What does the captain find the night he is alone on deck? How does the author describe this?

8. Why does the captain remain emotionless and unexcitable throughout his and the skipper's conversation? Does it work?

9. What does the captain discover about the stranger upon first speaking with him in the stateroom?

10. What is significant about the way the author ends the story?

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