Secret of the Ages Fun Activities

Robert Collier (author)
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News Article

Ask students to look in their local newspaper for an article that involves some aspect of the text and bring it to class. They will present it in front of the class and explain why it relates to "Secret of the Ages".

Create a Treasure Map

When studying "Treasure Mapping," give students the opportunity to create their own map of desires. How does this assist in clarifying one's goals?


Give students the opportunity to maintain an ongoing journal during the study of "Secret of the Ages" in which they will follow Collier's assignments and record their findings.

Other Works

Give students an opportunity to read one of Collier's works and write a comparative paper discussing the similarities and differences in style, themes, and structure.

Improvised Interview

Have students in groups of two come to the front of the class. One student will act as "Interviewer...

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