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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Mary and Collin have to cover their mouths when they are in the presence of the staff as Collin begins to get well?
(a) So the staff does not see them laughing.
(b) To muffle their laughter.
(c) To keep up the pretense of a contagious disease.
(d) To be a reminder to stay quiet about their secret.

2. Who enters the garden while Collin, Dickon and Mary are expressing their thanks to the garden and its magic?
(a) Dr. Craven.
(b) Mrs. Sowerby.
(c) Collin's nurse.
(d) Martha.

3. What does Mary choose to do after her lunch on the first nice day after all the rain?
(a) Ask her uncle for permission to be in the Garden.
(b) Visit Collin.
(c) Return to work in the garden.
(d) Meet Dickon's mother.

4. Why does Collin wake up so happy the morning after his tantrum?
(a) He is excited for the plans he and Mary have made.
(b) He feels that he is getting well.
(c) He knows his father is coming to see him.
(d) He knows he will get to see Mary.

5. What does Collin plan to do with his life when he is older?
(a) Make important discoveries about magic.
(b) Inherit his father's business.
(c) Be a teacher.
(d) Become a gardener.

6. Who does Mary see Collin being rude to after his first day in the Garden?
(a) Martha.
(b) Mrs. Medlock.
(c) His nurse.
(d) Dr. Craven.

7. What does Collin say about Dickon's mother just before he leaves the garden after expressing his thanks to it?
(a) That he could remember his own mother.
(b) That she understands children the way Dickon understands animals.
(c) That he is glad she was friends with his mother.
(d) That she were his own mother.

8. What does Dickon's mother say about the skylark's song in the morning?
(a) They are singing the doxology.
(b) They are praising God.
(c) They are praying.
(d) They are laughing.

9. What has Dickon named the animal who works in the garden with him on the first nice day after all the rain?
(a) Colonel.
(b) General.
(c) Admiral.
(d) Captain.

10. What does Collin think is making him well in the Garden?
(a) Magic.
(b) His mother's memory.
(c) Love.
(d) Fresh Air.

11. Why is Collin so angry about being called a cripple?
(a) He doesn't like the idea of so many people thinking of him that way.
(b) He finds "cripple" a horribly derrogotory term.
(c) It intensifies his fear that maybe he is crippled.
(d) He is ashamed of himself for not being able to prove that rumor wrong.

12. What is Mrs. Medlock's reaction to Collin and Mary laughing?
(a) She is angry.
(b) She is worried.
(c) She is happy.
(d) She is amazed.

13. How does Dickon's mother know that Mr. Craven is on his way home?
(a) She asked him when he left how long he would be.
(b) He wrote to her telling her he was on his way.
(c) She can sense these things.
(d) She wrote to him telling him to come home.

14. Why is Mary so exultant when she comes to see Collin the morning after his tantrum?
(a) Her uncle is on his way home.
(b) Spring has come.
(c) The wind is blowing.
(d) Dickon is here.

15. Why is Collin not able to walk?
(a) His legs are weak.
(b) His legs are bent.
(c) He never learned.
(d) He is wearing a brace.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Collin unhappy when he sees Mary with her hat on?

2. What does Mary tell Collin when she gets to his room during his hysterics?

3. Who does Collin see climbing over the wall of the Garden?

4. What does Collin say is the only medicine he needs after his hysterics?

5. What does Martha say Mary must have done to Collin when she first met him?

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