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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ben suggest that Collin do to show thanks to the garden and its magic?
(a) Write his father.
(b) Say the Lord's prayer.
(c) Go to church.
(d) Sing the Doxology.

2. What does Mary find in the Garden when she is finally able to return to it after all the rain?
(a) The robin.
(b) A small finch family.
(c) A crow.
(d) A hawk.

3. What happens to distract Collin from the tree that killed his mother?
(a) They hear distant thunder.
(b) They see a lamb jumping through the flowers.
(c) Dickon starts singing a song.
(d) The robin flies in.

4. What does Collin plan to do with his life when he is older?
(a) Be a teacher.
(b) Make important discoveries about magic.
(c) Inherit his father's business.
(d) Become a gardener.

5. What surprises Martha about Mary's chance meeting Collin?
(a) She was able to find him.
(b) He did not throw a tantrum.
(c) His nurse was not there.
(d) She did not get lost on her way.

6. What has Dickon added to Collin's daily routine in an effort to help him get stronger faster?
(a) More food.
(b) Prayers.
(c) Chants in a circle.
(d) Exercises.

7. What does Mrs. Sowerby send Collin one day in the Garden?
(a) Fresh milk and buns.
(b) A skipping rope like Mary's.
(c) Fresh fruit.
(d) A book about gardening.

8. Who joins the circle that Collin creates as he tells Mary and Dickon of his future plans?
(a) Ben.
(b) Animals.
(c) The robin.
(d) The wind.

9. Why is Collin unhappy when he sees Mary with her hat on?
(a) She is not wearing the hat he gave her.
(b) He knows she is leaving him to go outside.
(c) She looks dull and tired in her hat.
(d) He dislikes people wearing hats in the house.

10. Why does Mary say no one has ever called Collin out on his rudeness?
(a) They feared him.
(b) They loved him.
(c) They hated him.
(d) The pitied him.

11. What does Collin do as the sun goes down on his first day in the garden?
(a) Smiles.
(b) Sings.
(c) Cries.
(d) Laughs.

12. What does Mary ask Collin to not talk about with her anymore?
(a) Being sick.
(b) His mother.
(c) Dying.
(d) The garden.

13. What does Mary want to use as a lure to get Collin to come outside when the weather is good again?
(a) Threats.
(b) The garden.
(c) Bribes.
(d) A challenge.

14. Why does Collin wake up so happy the morning after his tantrum?
(a) He is excited for the plans he and Mary have made.
(b) He feels that he is getting well.
(c) He knows he will get to see Mary.
(d) He knows his father is coming to see him.

15. What does Collin think is making him well in the Garden?
(a) Magic.
(b) Love.
(c) His mother's memory.
(d) Fresh Air.

Short Answer Questions

1. What caused Collin's hysterics during the night?

2. What does Collin say about Dickon's mother just before he leaves the garden after expressing his thanks to it?

3. What does Dickon say keeps him so strong?

4. What does Mary choose to do after her lunch on the first nice day after all the rain?

5. What did Ben do after Mr. Craven ordered the garden be shut up?

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