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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mary hate most about her life at Misslethwaite?
(a) She is not getting educated.
(b) There is no one to talk to her.
(c) She misses her parents.
(d) It has become too routine.

2. How does Mary tell Dickon she came across her garden?
(a) She dreamed it.
(b) It found her.
(c) She found it.
(d) She stole it.

3. What does Ben do that makes Mary think he looks much younger and kinder on her first day at Misselthwaite?
(a) Gardens.
(b) Sings.
(c) Skips.
(d) Smiles.

4. What does Mary hear when she finds herself lost in Misselthwaite Manor on the day it was too rainy for her to go outside?
(a) A man laughing.
(b) A woman screaming.
(c) A child crying.
(d) The wind roaring.

5. What portraits in Misslethwaite are most interesting to Mary?
(a) Portaits of families.
(b) Portraits of animals.
(c) Portaits of children.
(d) Portraits of women.

6. What is Mary's first impression of her uncle when she is brought to his study?
(a) He is a fretful man.
(b) She does not notice the infamous hump in his back.
(c) He has kind and worried eyes.
(d) He seems distracted.

7. Why is Mary so disappointed to hear the rain falling when she awakes the night after meeting her uncle?
(a) She wanted a good night's sleep.
(b) She is afraid too much water will hurt her garden.
(c) She knows the rain will keep her from going outside.
(d) She fears it will keep her uncle from leaving again as he had planned.

8. What does Martha say to Mary that deeply offends her when they first meet each other?
(a) Martha thought Mary was going to be an Indian girl.
(b) Martha is surprised Mary can't dress herself.
(c) Martha tells Mary that her uncle hates her.
(d) Martha tells Mary that she is spoiled.

9. What is Mrs. Medlock's first impression of Mary?
(a) She is small and hurt.
(b) She is disagreeable and headstrong.
(c) She is kind, sweet and loving.
(d) She is sickly, plain and spoiled.

10. What does Mary do with the key just after she finds it?
(a) Gives it to Ben.
(b) Slips it into her pocket.
(c) Re-buries it and then marks the spot.
(d) Hides it in her room where Mrs. Medlock will not find it.

11. Why is all the plant-life on the moor so low to the ground?
(a) The lack of rain.
(b) The over-production of lumber.
(c) The wind.
(d) It is grazing country for sheep.

12. How does Mary learn about what to do in the garden after she finds it?
(a) Asks Ben lots of questions.
(b) She does what seems natural for the plants.
(c) Has Dickon help her.
(d) Reads books about gardening.

13. What does Mary ask her uncle for when he asks her if she has any requests?
(a) A key to the garden.
(b) Books about gardening.
(c) A bit of earth.
(d) Some tools and seeds.

14. What does Mary think is so strange about the people helping her and Mrs. Medlock at the train station?
(a) They all have funny hats.
(b) They speak funny.
(c) They walk funny.
(d) They are wearing funny clothes.

15. What part of the house does Mary's uncle live?
(a) The Annex.
(b) The East Terrace.
(c) The West Wing.
(d) The Fifth Floor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mrs. Medlock's reaction when she finds that Mary has gotten lost in Misselthwaite Manor?

2. What does Martha tell Mary when she comes in after meeting Dickon?

3. Why did Mary's uncle not get her a governess?

4. Who does Mary count as one of the people she likes that makes Dickon laugh when he first meets her?

5. Why has Mary never seen or heard about Collin?

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