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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why must everyone obey Collin's every whim?
(a) His father ordered it.
(b) They hate the screaming he makes.
(c) He has the power to fire them.
(d) Being angry will make him more ill.

2. Where is Martha going on her day off after the rain has stopped?
(a) Into town.
(b) On a long walk along the moor.
(c) To her mother's house.
(d) To the seaside.

3. How does Mary spend most of her days after finding the Garden?
(a) Digging and weeding.
(b) Running and jumping.
(c) Talking to the Robin.
(d) Planting her new seeds.

4. What does Mrs. Medlock do to Mary when they arrive at their first stop on the way to Misselthwaite Manor?
(a) Wakes her.
(b) Rebukes her.
(c) Warns her.
(d) Embraces her.

5. How did Mrs. Sowerby get her gift for Mary?
(a) She asked one of her daughters to give it to her.
(b) She bought it with part of Martha's wages.
(c) She made it.
(d) She traded cooking for it.

6. What does Mary think is so strange about the people helping her and Mrs. Medlock at the train station?
(a) They speak funny.
(b) They walk funny.
(c) They all have funny hats.
(d) They are wearing funny clothes.

7. How old is Misselthwaite Manor?
(a) 7 years old.
(b) 80 years old.
(c) 600 years old.
(d) 250 years old.

8. How do Mary and Mrs. Medlock get from the train station to the house?
(a) They ride a horse.
(b) They walk.
(c) They take a carriage.
(d) They take an automobile.

9. Why is all the plant-life on the moor so low to the ground?
(a) It is grazing country for sheep.
(b) The lack of rain.
(c) The over-production of lumber.
(d) The wind.

10. Who is sent to pick Mary up to take her to her new home?
(a) Robert Lennox.
(b) Ben Weatherstaff.
(c) Mrs. Medlock.
(d) Archibald Craven.

11. Where is Mary living at the beginning of the book?
(a) America.
(b) India.
(c) China.
(d) England.

12. What does Mary tell Martha she wants after her first time inside the Secret Garden?
(a) A spade.
(b) Some seeds.
(c) A rake.
(d) A knife.

13. What is Mrs. Medlock's first impression of Mary?
(a) She is small and hurt.
(b) She is sickly, plain and spoiled.
(c) She is disagreeable and headstrong.
(d) She is kind, sweet and loving.

14. How does Mary find the door of the Secret Garden?
(a) She feels along the entire wall looking for it.
(b) She asks Ben.
(c) Wind blows the ivy enough for her to see it.
(d) The robin shows her.

15. What does Mary ask her uncle for when he asks her if she has any requests?
(a) Books about gardening.
(b) A key to the garden.
(c) Some tools and seeds.
(d) A bit of earth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mary hate most about her life at Misslethwaite?

2. How old is Mary when she chases away her first English governess?

3. What is wrong with Mary's uncle?

4. Who gives Mary her new nickname after her parents die?

5. What does Mrs. Medlock think of the moor?

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