The Secret Garden Character Descriptions

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Mary Lennox

This character is orphaned at the age of nine when cholera strikes the compound in India.

Colin Craven

This character allows him/herself to be seen by no one, as this character dreads being looked at with pity.

Dickon Sowerby

This character is known by everybody near the moor, and is held in high regard for his/her natural grace, gentleness, and easy manner with people of all classes.

Ben Weatherstaff

This character is a gardener at Misselthwaite Manor.

Martha Sowerby

This character comes from a family of twelve children that lives in a cottage across the moor and goes home on his/her day off each week.

Archibald Craven

This character is the master of Misselthwaite Manor and has a crooked back.

Susan Sowerby

This character is gentle and kind and knows about children the way this character's son knows about plants and animals.

Mrs. Medlock

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