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Short Answer Questions

1. The bomb The Professor carries on his person at all times is designed to kill anyone within how many feet of him?

2. What is the professor's reply when Ossipon asks if he has heard about the morning bomb explosion in Greenwich Park?

3. Why is Heat annoyed at having to report to his supervisors?

4. Which phrase best describes Winnie?

5. Mr. Vladimir tells Mr. Verloc he reviewed his past reports, that they are inadequate as no action has been taken, and indicates that he views the latter's role toward achieving an explosion to be what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What problems are faced by Winnie Verloc's lone, younger sibling?

2. How is the individual whom the professor encounters in the alley at the beginning of Chapter 5 described?

3. How is Mr. Verloc's business establishment described?

4. How does Ossipon learn it was Mr. Verloc who obtained explosives from the professor, and what is his reaction?

5. Where has Mrs. Verloc's sibling been during the Red Committee's meeting and what has the reaction been?

6. What is it Mr. Vladimir seeks from Mr. Verloc?

7. How is the appearance of Winnie Verloc's mother described?

8. As the assistant commissioner does not believe that Chief Inspector Heat is being totally open with him, what are the items of information he finally receives before he dismisses him?

9. What description of the explosive device he carries on his person does the professor provide Ossipon?

10. Why is it Mr. Verloc is able to leave his business in the hands of his brother-in-law in the morning?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Some of the characters in Conrad's novel are not whom they initially seem to be. Some are harder than they might have at first appeared, others not quite as cold or callous. Take four characters and examine how they are different by the end of the tale than at first encountered. Describe the individual's outlook and view of the world and what motivates them to change.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 3, Stevie is able to listen to the International Red Committee members' discussion in the parlor from his position in the adjoining kitchen. Conrad allows the reader to know that Stevie is easily upset by so much as a description of cruelty toward others. This foreshadows his reactions to subsequent events. Examine what transpires in this chapter which lays the foundation for this matter in Conrad's tale. Follow it through to the conclusion of Stevie's role in Adolf Verloc's plot.

Essay Topic 3

Mr. Verloc fears the consequences of failing to satisfy his superiors. Consider in detail this and other instances of Conrad's use of the theme of fear in his story.

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