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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 9, when does Mr. Verloc return from his trip?
(a) Two weeks later.
(b) A week later.
(c) Ten days later.
(d) A month later.

2. What does Mr. Verloc tell his wife when he finds her right after Heat leaves their home?
(a) He begins to describe his second life as a secret agent. but in thinking how he must describe Stevie's death to Winnie begins to cry.
(b) He says how sorry he is that Stevie died.
(c) He begins to describe his second life as a secret agent, and explains all that has transpired so far, except how Stevie was killed.
(d) He begins to describe his second life as a secret agent, and he explains all that has transpired so far.

3. How does Mr. Verloc feel upon returning from his trip taken shortly after his mother-in-law moved into a charity home?
(a) He can now handle new and old matters without a problem.
(b) He remains preoccupied by his troubles as he was before.
(c) He has set his troubles completely aside and out of his mind.
(d) While not forgotten, he is no longer preoccupied by his troubles.

4. What does Winnie silently promise herself after Stevie's encounter with the cab driver?
(a) That once her mother returns her entire family will never want for anything or be poor.
(b) That her brother will never want for anything he needs or be poor.
(c) That she will somehow come up with enough money so her mother can leave the charity home.
(d) That she will ensure her brother never moves from her home.

5. How does Mrs. Verloc feel about her mother's decision to move out?
(a) She is happy her mother has a place to live.
(b) She is upset, but understands.
(c) She feels slighted and is unhappy.
(d) She feels slighted and so readily agrees.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does the assistant commissioner give the secretary of state to have Heat removed from the investigation of that explosion?

2. What is Winnie's response to Mr. Verloc immediately after Heat leaves their home?

3. Why does Mrs. Verloc's mother wish to move into a charity home?

4. What is Winnie concerned about while Mr. Verloc is on his trip in Chapter 9?

5. When he does arrive at the home of his wife's friend on the evening of the Greenwich Park blast, whom does the assistant commissioner find is a guest?

Short Essay Questions

1. Identify the individual the assistant commissioner is speaking with at the close of Chapter 10 and what says that might be a quote from his own subordinate.

2. How does Chapter 8 conclude with regard to Mrs. Neale?

3. What three things surprise Mr. Verloc upon his return from his ten days away?

4. What is Mr. Verloc's disposition at the beginning of Chapter 9?

5. What does Mr. Verloc attempt to stress to his wife regarding the death of her sibling?

6. What action does Mr. Verloc take when Mrs. Verloc goes upstairs following her confrontation with him in the kitchen after she learned of Stevie's death?

7. Describe what is compared to the sound of an insane clock at the conclusion of Chapter 11?

8. What exchange takes place between Mr. and Mrs. Verloc on the afternoon he returns from his out-of-country trip, when he announces he is interested in taking a walk?

9. What are two objections Mrs. Verloc has toward Mrs. Neale?

10. What is the opening scene of Chapter 11once Chief Inspector Heat has departed the Verloc home?

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