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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Red Committee member Ossipon expresses what opinion regarding the state of social ills?
(a) World war, not peace, is the answer, and the European Alliance Treaty Organization is useless.
(b) Agitation in Third World nations is an aid.
(c) Emotion, not education, is the answer, and action needs to be taken.
(d) Constant financial undermining of the poor is the answer.

2. While speaking with the Professor, Ossipon gains information that leads him to believe who was blown up in the Greenwich Park explosion?
(a) Michaelis.
(b) Mrs. Verloc.
(c) Mr. Verloc.
(d) Yundt

3. What two things did Heat learn several months subsequent to his first encountering Mr. Verloc, when Heat again saw Mr. Verloc and the latter was followed?
(a) Mr. Verloc was a secret agent who lived in an affluent neighborhood.
(b) Mr. Verloc was Austrian and married to a woman seven years his senior.
(c) Mr. Verloc was both a spy and an explosives expert.
(d) Mr. Adolf Verloc's name and that he had gotten married that day.

4. What is Stevie's age?
(a) Older than Winnie.
(b) Infant.
(c) Middle-aged.
(d) Younger than Mr. Verloc.

5. What does Mr. Vladimir learn about Mr. Verloc that terribly disappoints him?
(a) Mr. Verloc is having an affair with a bank clerk.
(b) Mr. Verloc's marriage is not permanent.
(c) Mr. Verloc is married.
(d) Mr. Verloc is losing money running his pornography business.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mr. Wurmt?

2. How does Mr. Verloc feel about the opinions expressed by his friends during their Red Committee meeting at his home?

3. What is Ossipon's reaction upon learning from a paperboy of the Greenwich Park bombing?

4. What is Stevie's reaction upon hearing the Red Committee discussion that took place in the Verloc residence regarding social reform?

5. What does The Professor tell Ossipon he carries in his pocket should the police try to arrest him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Ossipon?

2. What is it Mr. Vladimir seeks from Mr. Verloc?

3. What is Mr. Vladimir's response when Mr. Verloc tells him that what he seeks will cost money?

4. How is Mr. Verloc's business establishment described?

5. Why did Michaelis subsequently receive compassion?

6. How is Winnie Verloc's appearance described?

7. What does the professor describe as his goal and what does it take to achieve it?

8. How does Ossipon learn it was Mr. Verloc who obtained explosives from the professor, and what is his reaction?

9. What considerations is Ossipon reflecting upon regarding his next decision at the conclusion of Chapter 4?

10. What problems are faced by Winnie Verloc's lone, younger sibling?

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