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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the professor traveling while amazed at the sense of security those around him feel, unaware they could all be blown up at any time?
(a) Riding aboard a train amongst other passengers.
(b) Riding in a tram car with other passengers aboard.
(c) Riding in a horse-drawn carriage down a crowded street.
(d) Walking down a street past other people.

2. What is Stevie's reaction upon hearing the Red Committee discussion that took place in the Verloc residence regarding social reform?
(a) He is greatly upset.
(b) He believes the discussion is a waste of time.
(c) He does not understand what the discussion is about.
(d) He could not care less.

3. What is Ossipon's opinion of Stevie?
(a) That he is simple-minded, but harmless to himself or others.
(b) That he is intelligent and likely to be a physician or scientist someday.
(c) That he is a degenerate, capable of becoming a criminal one day.
(d) That while not exceptionally bright, he will learn a trade and do well.

4. Whom does Mr. Vladimir propose Mr. Verloc enlist in order to accomplish Vladimir's bomb plot?
(a) Other secret agents that Mr. Verloc is acquainted with.
(b) Mr. Verloc's family.
(c) Mr. Verloc's International Red Committee friends.
(d) Former military explosives experts that Mr. Verloc knows.

5. A bombing of what facility does Mr. Vladimir suggest would create fear and provoke a reaction toward change?
(a) A science center.
(b) An arts institution.
(c) An embassy.
(d) A stock exchange.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the assistant commissioner recall from his first encounter with Michaelis?

2. When asked by Ossipon to describe the person who purchased the device, what is the professor's response?

3. What route does Red Committee group member Michaelis say is the answer to the current social ills?

4. Who did Heat personally assure the month prior to the Greenwich Park explosion that no terrorist acts would occur anytime soon because Heat is watching every known terrorist?

5. What takes place when the Red Committee discussion at the Verloc residence is finished?

Short Essay Questions

1. Toward the end of Chapter 5, Chief Inspector Heat mentions Michaelis's name, which arouses the interest of the assistant commissioner. What reason revealed in Chapter 6 causes him to become concerned?

2. What is Mr. Vladimir's response when Mr. Verloc tells him that what he seeks will cost money?

3. How is the appearance of Winnie Verloc's mother described?

4. How does Winnie's mother views her daughter's romance with the young butcher?

5. Why was Michaelis sent to prison?

6. What is Mr. Verloc's attitude toward Mrs. Verloc's lone sibling?

7. Provide a description of where Ossipon runs into the professor in Chapter 4.

8. What is it Mr. Vladimir seeks from Mr. Verloc?

9. How might the character known as the professor be described?

10. Describe what act done by Chief Inspector Heat is detailed and defined as not particularly wise?

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