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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1: Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can Meredith Oliver see from her office?
(a) The Jefferson Memorial.
(b) The Pentagon.
(c) The Lincoln Memorial.
(d) The White House.

2. What happens when the scientists from the Army Corps of Engineers arrive in Comtosook?
(a) They find answers to all the questions about the strange happenings.
(b) They get rashes on their eyelids.
(c) They get odd food cravings.
(d) They become scared to speak up.

3. What does Lia say she is doing when she meets Ross?
(a) Cleaning.
(b) Sewing a dress.
(c) Picking flowers.
(d) Sleepwalking.

4. How did Ross almost die the third time?
(a) He fell off a roof.
(b) He was trying to save a drowning woman.
(c) He was beaten in a bar.
(d) He was shot by a mugger.

5. What information does Eve O'Donnell not want to tell Ross, the ghost hunter?
(a) That she is a widow.
(b) That she had a sister who died at 7 years of age.
(c) That she knows he almost died.
(d) That she is scared of her basement.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Ross hears the pennies hit the floor in Eve's attic, who does he call out for?

2. What does the tribal name Abenaki mean?

3. What time of day is Shelby getting up to be with her son?

4. When Ross was struck by lightening, how many minutes was he dead?

5. When Spencer awakes in the nursing home, what does he hear?

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