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Lesson 1 (from Part 1: Chapter 1)


Chapter 1 - Lesson 1

The exposition is the opening of a story which introduces the characters, the main conflicts and setting. The objective of this lesson is to outline the exposition of this novel in order to better understand how all the disconnected characters and events in the first chapter will later develop into the plot and themes for the storyline.


1. Class Discussion: Discuss exposition -- the opening of a story. Briefly discuss the main ingredients of a good story; setting, characters, conflict, plot and theme. What is important about Ross' idea that he is unable to die? What are the Abenaki Indians protesting against? What is ghost hunting? What odd happenings are going on in Comtosook? What year appears to be important in the story? Why?

2. Group Discussion: Break into 4 small groups and discuss the following: Identify the following in the story: Describe the setting...

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