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Short Answer Questions

1. Complete the quote, "Everybody thinks that there are only two things: war which is a kind of life in death, and peace which is ______."

2. Where did Father Weatherbee spend fifty years of his life?

3. What does Allison do for Will after his fall?

4. What does Leslie leave for Will in his room at the nursing home?

5. What time of day is hard for Allison?

Short Essay Questions

1. What news does Kitty tell Will about her family when they talk in the parking lot of the country club?

2. What makes Allison feel like she needs another person in her life?

3. How does Allison feel about doing the errands that Will asks her to do?

4. What are the two things that Will has to tell Allison when he returns to the greenhouse?

5. What forces Will to leave the cave?

6. What plan do Allison and Will make for their futures?

7. Why does Will get into a fight with Kitty at the nursing home?

8. After Will falls into the greenhouse, what is it that makes Allison think she knows who he is before she sees his face?

9. What skills do the three old guys who Will befriends in the convalescent home possess?

10. What happened to the tiger skeleton that used to be in the cave?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Will often refers to the exodus of the Jews from North Carolina as a sign. How does Walker Percy use this motif in the novel? What does Will's fixation with the Jews signify in his personal life? What does it come to mean to the reader? Write an essay in which you discuss the motif and the ways in which the author uses the motif to develop Will's character.

Essay Topic 2

Walker Percy revisits several themes or motifs throughout the novel including: memory, mental illness, self-discovery, independence, religion, nature, and love. Can you think of other themes or motifs from the novel? Write an essay discussing the most important theme or motif from the novel; that is, the one you think the author discusses the most or seems to feature as being the most important. Provide examples from the text to support your argument.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the novel, the narrator's perspective changes. Discuss how Walker Percy uses narration to help shape his novel. Is it first person or third person narration? Who seems to be the main focus of the novel? How does the perspective shift? Is the narrator sympathetic to the main characters?

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