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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Marion NOT know about at the nursing home?
(a) The morning movie.
(b) The attic where the old guys played with trains.
(c) The gardener.
(d) The Kennedy rockers.

2. What errand does Will ask Allison to do that she's nervous about?
(a) Go to the doctor.
(b) Drive his car.
(c) Go to Western Union.
(d) Go to the library.

3. What happens to Will after he gets cleaned up and heads out in his car again?
(a) He wrecks his car.
(b) He gets lost.
(c) He drives to Georgia.
(d) He ends up driving back to the greenhouse.

4. After getting off the bus, where does Will find himself when he wakes up?
(a) A hospital.
(b) Back in the greenhouse.
(c) A retirement community.
(d) In the backseat of his car.

5. How old was Will when we went on the cross country trip with his father?
(a) Fifteen.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Seventeen.
(d) Thirteen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What time of day is hard for Allison?

2. Complete the quote, "Everybody thinks that there are only two things: war which is a kind of life in death, and peace which is ______."

3. What drug does Will have to take to keep him stable?

4. What does Will say when Jack suggests that he take up railroading?

5. Which of the following places is NOT one that Will remembers visiting with his father on their cross country trip?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where has Will's daughter, Leslie, moved while he has been away at the cave and the greenhouse?

2. What does Will take with him into the cave?

3. What happened to the tiger skeleton that used to be in the cave?

4. When Will sees himself in the mirror of his Mercedes after leaving the greenhouse, what does he think he looks like?

5. When Will is thinking things over in his Mercedes, what does he decide the name of the century should be?

6. What news does Kitty tell Will about her family when they talk in the parking lot of the country club?

7. What forces Will to leave the cave?

8. Where does Will take Allison when they leave the greenhouse?

9. Why does Will end up needing to be in Dr. Vance's daily care?

10. What does Allison enjoy about taking care of Will that makes her think she should nurse comatose patients?

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