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The German handgun passed down from a father to a son.

W. W. Greener

An antique English shotgun that was carried by the father of one of the characters during a hunting trip.


The shotgun that one of the characters carried on a hunting trip with his father when he was a child.


This is the only remaining structure on a large estate inherited by one of the characters.


This antique appliance becomes important to one of the characters.

Block and Tackle

These tools help one of the characters to move large objects.

Valleyhead Sanatorium

This is the mental hospital that one of the characters escapes from.

Lost Cove Cave

This large subterranean area has openings in several parts of the city.

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

This treatment, also called "buzzing," is used to treat a mental disorder.

Linwood, North Carolina

This is the central...

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