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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the Prime Minister of San Dominica?
(a) He is thrown out of office.
(b) He is made lifetime Prime Minister.
(c) He is killed by revolutionaries.
(d) He loses the next election.

2. How does Harold Hill react to his wife's murder?
(a) He wants to give up looking for the Roses.
(b) He doubles his efforts to find the Roses.
(c) He wants to rush back to Virginia to be with his son.
(d) He wants to make a deal with the Roses for his safety.

3. What does Damian Rose warn Brooks Campbell not to do?
(a) look for him
(b) leave the island
(c) make the story public
(d) look for Peter

4. Where is Carrie while Damian is on the Bertram Sportsman boat?
(a) a hotel in Morrocco
(b) a bank in Zurich
(c) a house in Virginia
(d) a shop in London

5. What name does the media use for the murders?
(a) Bay of Piglets
(b) Rebay of Pigs
(c) Bay of Pigs II
(d) Island of Pigs

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shoots Betsy Porte-Smith?

2. What is the weather when Peter is fighting Clive Lawson?

3. Why does Carrie say she double-crossed Damian?

4. What does Peter do to Harold Hill?

5. What is the implication of a casino opening on San Dominica?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Peter MacDonald and Meral Johnson go to Paris?

2. How is Jane killed?

3. What is Peter's plan for leaving the island?

4. What list does Harold Hill make when he comes to Coastown?

5. Describe Peter and Jane's attitude toward going to Washington.

6. Describe the scene outside the church where Jane Cooke's funeral is held.

7. How does Meral feel toward Peter?

8. What does Harold Hill think after he kills Damian Rose?

9. What role do the male models Carrie hires play in the Roses' escape plan?

10. How are the deaths of Carol Hill and Jane similar?

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