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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mark's mother advise him to do in the emergency?
(a) She tells him to secretly contact his father.
(b) She tells him to try to get one of the intruders' guns.
(c) She tells him to secretly phone the police.
(d) She tells him to do what the intruders ask.

2. What alias does Carrie Rose use in Washington?
(a) Abigail Lowry
(b) Rosa Carol
(c) Susan Chaplin
(d) Carolyn Richards

3. What color does Damian dye his hair on May 10?
(a) gray
(b) black
(c) blond
(d) red

4. Where is Jane's funeral held?
(a) Church of Holy Relics
(b) Church of San Dominica
(c) Church of the Angels
(d) Church of the Martyrs

5. Who drives the Grasshopper?
(a) Franklin James
(b) Brooklyn Jones
(c) Arthur Maddock
(d) Benjamin Madison

6. What does Carrie Rose ask Clive Lawson to do to the police?
(a) plant fake evidence to mislead them
(b) bomb their offices
(c) lead them on a wild goose chase
(d) snipe them as they search for Damian

7. How do Fletcher and Devereaux enter the fifth floor of the hotel?
(a) They sneak up the maintenance stairs.
(b) They enter from the roof.
(c) They go up in the elevator.
(d) They have the manager bring them up.

8. Where is Harold Hill when his family is attacked?
(a) Washington
(b) Coastown
(c) Orlando
(d) New York

9. What is the implication of a casino opening on San Dominica?
(a) The Mafia is making money from the country.
(b) The casino is a front for the U.S. government.
(c) The San Dominican people will rise out of poverty.
(d) San Dominica is breaking away from U.S. influence.

10. What does the Prime Minister announce after the killings are over?
(a) his own resignation
(b) the opening of talks with Colonel Dred
(c) the severing of ties with the United States
(d) a new age of prosperity

11. Who is in Room 502 of the St. James hotel?
(a) Meral Johnson
(b) Carrie Rose
(c) Betsy Porte-Smith
(d) Carol Hill

12. What happens to the Prime Minister of San Dominica?
(a) He is thrown out of office.
(b) He is killed by revolutionaries.
(c) He is made lifetime Prime Minister.
(d) He loses the next election.

13. What does Peter ask the CIA for?
(a) a gun
(b) a cheeseburger
(c) a pen and paper
(d) reward money

14. How does Harold Hill react to his wife's murder?
(a) He wants to make a deal with the Roses for his safety.
(b) He wants to rush back to Virginia to be with his son.
(c) He wants to give up looking for the Roses.
(d) He doubles his efforts to find the Roses.

15. Where does Jane begin the day of May 7?
(a) in the hospital
(b) in an open grave
(c) in a car trunk
(d) in her hotel room

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Harold's son Mark?

2. Who takes Jane out of the hospital?

3. Who turns Peter over to the police?

4. What does Peter do to Harold Hill?

5. What happens to the models?

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