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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Peter MacDonald and Meral Johnson do after the machete killings are over?
(a) They leave the island and part ways.
(b) They kill each other.
(c) They go into partnership in San Dominica.
(d) They try to find Carrie Rose.

2. What color does Damian dye his hair on May 10?
(a) gray
(b) blond
(c) red
(d) black

3. Who does Peter pretend to be to get to see Jane?
(a) Max Westerhuis
(b) Meral Johnson
(c) Jane's brother
(d) Brooks Campbell

4. What alias does Carrie Rose use in Washington?
(a) Abigail Lowry
(b) Carolyn Richards
(c) Susan Chaplin
(d) Rosa Carol

5. What is the implication of a casino opening on San Dominica?
(a) The Mafia is making money from the country.
(b) San Dominica is breaking away from U.S. influence.
(c) The casino is a front for the U.S. government.
(d) The San Dominican people will rise out of poverty.

6. What does Peter tell the CIA that his parents have done?
(a) arranged to fly out to San Dominica
(b) contacted the director of the CIA
(c) highered private mercenaries to kill the Roses
(d) lodged a formal complaint with the State Department

7. What does Carrie Rose do with her diary?
(a) She burns it so it can't implicate her.
(b) She sells the rights to it for $2 million.
(c) She gives it secretly to a friend to be published.
(d) She hides it in a safety deposit box.

8. What does Peter do to Harold Hill?
(a) He turns him over to the authorities.
(b) He shoots him.
(c) He lets him go.
(d) He kills him with a machete.

9. Who does Damian tell that Dred is about to commit a major violent act?
(a) Carrie Rose
(b) Brooks Campbell
(c) the police chief
(d) Isadore Goldman

10. Where does Jane begin the day of May 7?
(a) in her hotel room
(b) in an open grave
(c) in a car trunk
(d) in the hospital

11. Why does Carrie move her money?
(a) She is afraid of being pursued by Peter.
(b) She is afraid Damian might escape death and come after her.
(c) She wants to move out of the country.
(d) She is afraid of the IRS.

12. Why does Carrie say she double-crossed Damian?
(a) because she was afraid he'd kill her
(b) because she wanted to marry someone else
(c) because he was too jealous of her
(d) because he would not let her use her training

13. What name does the media use for the murders?
(a) Bay of Pigs II
(b) Rebay of Pigs
(c) Bay of Piglets
(d) Island of Pigs

14. What does Peter ask the CIA for?
(a) reward money
(b) a pen and paper
(c) a gun
(d) a cheeseburger

15. What does Damian put in the boat's cockpit?
(a) a spear
(b) a pistol
(c) a machete
(d) a rifle

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the weather when Peter is fighting Clive Lawson?

2. What does Damian Rose warn Brooks Campbell not to do?

3. What does Carrie ask Betsy Porte-Smith to do?

4. Who drives the Grasshopper?

5. What happens to the Prime Minister of San Dominica?

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