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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Leon see in the air as he comes out of the courthouse?
(a) a purple airplane
(b) a black arrow
(c) a silver frisbee
(d) a blue baloon

2. Where is Walter Marks killed?
(a) Turtle Bay
(b) the Princess Hotel
(c) the Island Restaurant
(d) Titchfield Cove

3. Where do the two mercenaries start chasing Peter and Jane?
(a) on the beach
(b) on a winding road
(c) at the hotel
(d) at the newspaper office

4. What important information does Peter get?
(a) the make of the knife
(b) the name of the mercenaries
(c) the name of the victims
(d) the first two numbers of the sedan's license plate

5. What is the U.S. government's cover organization called?
(a) Justice Emporium Importers
(b) Great Western Air Transport
(c) Mighty Max's Cleaners
(d) Clean World Garbage Collection

6. What are the people who are killed at the airport doing?
(a) They are trying to get into the building.
(b) They are on a plane.
(c) They are trying to escape.
(d) They are waiting in the lobby.

7. What does Carrie ask Damian to do?
(a) divorce her
(b) stay on the island
(c) kill her father
(d) leave with her

8. What is the murder weapon?
(a) a handgun
(b) a rifle
(c) a car
(d) a machette

9. What two factions are represented at the farmhouse?
(a) A transportation company and a garbage company
(b) The U.S. government and a Mafia family
(c) A South American government and a transportation company
(d) A Mafia family and a garbage company

10. What two plans do the Roses submit?
(a) "Machete" and "Confluence of Murderous Intent"
(b) "Confluence of Murderous Intent" and "Murder for Profit"
(c) "Systematic Government Assassinations" and "Machete"
(d) "Systematic Government Assassinations" and "Murder for Profit"

11. How many children does Chicki Holt have?
(a) 14
(b) 3
(c) 20
(d) 8

12. How old is the youngest of the accused?
(a) 30
(b) 15
(c) 22
(d) 9

13. What does Faye plan to do with the sea shells?
(a) throw them into the ocean
(b) make a picture with them
(c) make jewelry with them
(d) give them to friends

14. What is the sentence given at the trial?
(a) death by hanging
(b) 25 years in prison without parole
(c) death by electrocution
(d) life in prison

15. Why doesn't Goldman think they can kill the Roses?
(a) He thinks it would be bad publicity.
(b) He thinks the Roses' friends would kill them.
(c) He doesn't think they can catch the Roses.
(d) He thinks the Roses are supernatural.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arrives to interrogate witnesses?

2. Who does Meral think is responsible for the murders?

3. What does Damian disguise himself as?

4. What does Peter use as an unconventional weapon?

5. What does Carrie Rose sell?

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