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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Goldman think they can kill the Roses?
(a) He thinks it would be bad publicity.
(b) He thinks the Roses are supernatural.
(c) He thinks the Roses' friends would kill them.
(d) He doesn't think they can catch the Roses.

2. Who does Meral think is responsible for the murders?
(a) Damian Rose
(b) the Cuban
(c) Carrie Rose
(d) Colonel Dred

3. How many people participate in the meeting?
(a) 9
(b) 3
(c) 13
(d) 5

4. What does Peter arm himself with?
(a) a longbow
(b) a Colt .44
(c) a .28
(d) a rifle

5. Who do Lieutenant Singer and his wife see when they go to the beach?
(a) two shirtless blacks
(b) Peter
(c) Damian Rose
(d) a murder victim

6. What do police think of Damian's eyewitness account?
(a) They think it's an important lead.
(b) They dismiss it as false.
(c) They think it doesn't give them enough infomation.
(d) They think Peter is trying to create an alibi.

7. How old is the youngest of the accused?
(a) 22
(b) 9
(c) 15
(d) 30

8. Where does Lieutenant Singer swim toward?
(a) the Isabella Anne
(b) a ship in the distance
(c) a cove down the coast
(d) another island

9. Who turns her head to see Damian in Paris?
(a) a child in a stroller
(b) a girl riding a bicycle
(c) a girl walking a dog
(d) a girl in a car

10. What does the Cuban put on the machete?
(a) a palm branch
(b) a white flag
(c) a red wool hat
(d) a glove

11. Who meets with the representatives of the mafia and the U.S. government on May 6?
(a) the San Dominica Prime Minister
(b) Peter
(c) Damian Rose
(d) the chief of police

12. What schooner is wrecked off Turtle Bay?
(a) the Augusta Marie
(b) the Georgia Caroline
(c) the Tracy Muldoon
(d) the Isabella Anne

13. Where does Meral examine the machete?
(a) at the police station
(b) in his library
(c) at the dinner table
(d) on the beach

14. How do the newspaper reporters treat Peter's story?
(a) They all vie for interviews with him.
(b) They use it in their papers to berate the police chief.
(c) They make it front page news.
(d) They don't pay attention.

15. Where does Peter spend the night after arming himself?
(a) on the beach
(b) in an abandoned ship
(c) in the jungle
(d) at the Princess Hotel

Short Answer Questions

1. At what airport does Damian Rose set off a bomb?

2. What does Dred bring to the meeting that he's not supposed to?

3. What is the job of the two mercenaries in Turtle Bay?

4. What is Basil's true identity?

5. What does intelligence agent Tommie Hicks ask permission to do?

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