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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the chief of police count at the murder scene?
(a) the bullet casings
(b) the officers' white helmets
(c) the witnesses
(d) the sea shells in the sand

2. How do the newspaper reporters treat Peter's story?
(a) They use it in their papers to berate the police chief.
(b) They make it front page news.
(c) They all vie for interviews with him.
(d) They don't pay attention.

3. Why doesn't Goldman think they can kill the Roses?
(a) He thinks the Roses are supernatural.
(b) He doesn't think they can catch the Roses.
(c) He thinks it would be bad publicity.
(d) He thinks the Roses' friends would kill them.

4. What happens to Lieutenant Singer while he is swimming?
(a) He gets a cramp in his leg.
(b) He is shot in the back.
(c) He is stabbed.
(d) He passes out.

5. What are the people who are killed at the airport doing?
(a) They are waiting in the lobby.
(b) They are trying to escape.
(c) They are trying to get into the building.
(d) They are on a plane.

6. Where does Lieutenant Singer swim toward?
(a) a cove down the coast
(b) the Isabella Anne
(c) another island
(d) a ship in the distance

7. Who does Meral think is responsible for the murders?
(a) Colonel Dred
(b) Damian Rose
(c) the Cuban
(d) Carrie Rose

8. How many machete killings happen on the fourth day of the murders?
(a) 2
(b) 6
(c) 8
(d) 4

9. Where do the two mercenaries start chasing Peter and Jane?
(a) on the beach
(b) at the newspaper office
(c) at the hotel
(d) on a winding road

10. What did Damian's brother swallow?
(a) benzoic acid
(b) sulfuric acid
(c) hydrochloric acid
(d) acetic acid

11. What does Damian throw off the veranda after his deal with Dred?
(a) a ball
(b) a candle
(c) an apple
(d) a watch

12. Where is Walter Marks killed?
(a) the Princess Hotel
(b) Titchfield Cove
(c) the Island Restaurant
(d) Turtle Bay

13. What is the ostensible reason for the violence?
(a) an attack by a neighboring country
(b) the murder verdict
(c) two rival gangs starting a gang war
(d) a peaceful protest gone out of control

14. What does intelligence agent Tommie Hicks ask permission to do?
(a) kill the Roses
(b) leave the island
(c) frame the Roses for the murders
(d) frame Peter for the murders

15. What do the revolutionaries begin doing after getting guns, and advice, from Damian?
(a) murdering people with machetes
(b) planning to take over the courthouse
(c) planning to take over the police station
(d) planning to exeute the prime minister

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Damian disguise himself as?

2. How is Marks killed?

3. What happens to the murderer of Leon Ratchet?

4. When Peter calls Jane, where does he learn she's gone?

5. How many people participate in the meeting?

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