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Lathrop Wells, Nevada

This is the location of the deserted farmhouse where representatives of the U.S. Government operating under a proprietary company named Great Western Air Transport meet with a West Coast family with Mafia ties.

Turtle Bay

This is a resort beach on San Dominica and the site of many of the machete murders.

Robert F. Kennedy Airport

This is the San Dominica location where the 727 lands and explodes in flames.

Isabella Anne

This is a wrecked schooner off the coast at Turtle Bay.

Lincoln, Nebraska

This is Carrie Rose's hometown.

Fairfax, Virginia

This location is the home of Harold Hill, otherwise known as Harry the Hack.

Coastown Princess Hotel

This is the hotel in Coastown, San Domingo, where Carrie Rose is staying when she writes about the August 10, 1978, Paris incident.

The Plantation Inn

This is the resort hotel where Peter works as a bartender.

The Atlantic City

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