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Police Chief's Plan

As the chief of police on San Dominica after the first murders, make your own plan to find and capture the murderers.

Map of San Dominica

Make a map of San Dominica, marking on the map where important events in the story take place.

Carrie's Diary Entry

Only select entries from Carrie Rose's diary are given in the novel. Write your own missing diary entry that's not included in the book.

Carrie Rose's Diary Book Cover

Create a cover for the first edition of Carrie Rose's diary. Include a blurb describing the book on the back cover.

Wanted Poster

Create a "Wanted" poster for Carrie and Damian Rose. Include your own drawings or pictures from the Internet or magazines and a description of the crimes the Roses are wanted for.

Monkey Dred's Manifesto

Monkey Dred is a revolutionary. Write a manifesto from Monkey Dred's point...

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