Season of the Machete Character Descriptions

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Peter MacDonald

This character becomes known as "the witness" because this person rides past a murder scene, though later the killers use the witness' statement as part of their escape plan.

Damian Rose

This egotistical character, who is addicted to tabloid news, is a cold-blooded killer and has become something less than human, probably because of undeniable killer tendencies.

Carrie Rose

This ruthless character kills a former partner and pulls the ultimate double-cross in order to walk away with everything, leaving this person's spouse dead in San Dominica.

Brooks Campbell

This character is a government agent, identified at one point as working in the U.S. Embassy and later as a CIA agent. This person, who oversees the Roses in San Dominica, is confident and wants control.

Harold Hill

This character's spouse becomes a victim of the machete murders so the murderers can send a message to this...

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