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April 30, 1980, Pages 1-30

• Damian Rose and two hired mercenaries murder two teenagers at Turtle Bay, San Dominica and mutilate the bodies with machetes.
• A year and a half later, Carrie Rose approaches a publisher to sell her diary of the machete murders.
• Two months prior to the murders, the U.S. government, the mafia, and Damian and Carrie Rose meet. The Roses present the plans for the murder scheme.

April 24, 1979, Pages 31-42

• Three black men are convicted and sentenced to death for the racially-charged robbery and murder of an American tourist in San Dominica. The youngest is fifteen.
• Violence follows throughout the city, ostensibly because of the verdict but actually orchestrated by Damian Rose.
• Leon Ratchet, the youngest convicted murderer, is shot on his way out of the courthouse.

April 25, 1979, Pages 43-71

• Peter MacDonald witnesses Damian at the scene of one of the machete murders, but his story...

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