Objects & Places from Season of Migration to the North

Tayeb Salih
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Village Along the Nile

This is the name the narrator gives to his town in the Sudan.


This location is the city where the narrator works and where another main character is from.


In this location, Mustafa went to secondary school.

London, England

Mustafa arrived in this location when he was fifteen.

Nile River

This is the longest of its kind in the world and runs through the Sudan and the village that the tribe lives in.

Triangular Room

The key to this location was left to the narrator who has not entered it.

Grandfather's House

This is in the village and is made of various rooms that were added whenever more room was needed or extra money was available.

London Courtroom

This location is visited several times with references to the trial of a character.

Wad Reyyes House

This is an place in the village...

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