Daily Lessons for Teaching Season of Migration to the North

Tayeb Salih
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Lesson 1 (from Pages 1-18)


The narrator has lived abroad for quite some time and is now returning to the village where he grew up. With that return comes some feelings, traditions and questions. This lesson discusses the experience of coming home after a long absence.


1) Class Discussion: What do you know about the narrator? How long has he been gone? Where has he been? Why? Where does he return to? Which country does he return to? Why do you think he returns back home after his stay abroad?

2) Groups: Talk about the feelings that go through people after returning home from a long absence. How does the narrator feel about being back? How do you know? How do his family and friends feel about his return? Give a few examples of reactions to prove their feelings. What did the narrator miss most during his absence? What does he enjoy...

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